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Meet Our Team


Ashley has worked as a Teller for MMCU for a bit over a year.  One thing she loves about her job is learning new things and challenging herself.  She has two cats named Shadow and Devin.  Florida is her favorite travel destination, but her dream vacation would be visiting an island like the Bahamas.  If she could learn anything, it would be to speak at least two languages fluently.  Her bucket list includes sky diving, going on a helicopter ride, and traveling to at least half of the states.


Friends is her favorite TV show, she likes to eat pasta, and she’s a fan of the St. Louis Cardinals.  Ashley’s taste in music is varied, as she enjoys rap, country, and rock.  The Mortal Instrument series is her favorite thing to read.  She just can’t resist chocolate!  If she won the lottery, the first thing she would buy is her own place.  If she could have any superpower, Ashley would choose mind reading.  Her idea of a perfect day would be relaxing while watching Friends.