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Meet Our Team


Caitlin is a Financial Service Officer at MMCU.  Her favorite part of her job is working with members.  Her office nickname is Bev.  She has two dogs: a Husky/German Shepherd mix named Maggie and a Miniature Schnauzer/Yorkie mix named Sadie.  In her spare time, Caitlin likes to play tennis.  If she could learn anything, it would be golfing.


Caitlin describes herself as loyal, smart, and funny.  She thinks her friends would say she is encouraging, sweet, and beautiful.  She enjoys listening to Country music.  Her favorite food is hot wings, and her favorite movie is The Proposal.  She loves visiting California, but her dream travel destination is Bora Bora.  Her bucket list includes seeing all 50 states, buying land, and getting a pig.


Caitlin’s biggest pet peeve is when people drive slow in the fast lane.  Ice cream is the one thing she just can’t resist!  If she won the lottery, she would purchase her dream home.  If she could have one superpower, she would choose flying.  Going to Disney World with her family is her favorite childhood memory.  When Caitlin is having a bad day, thinking positive helps her turn it around.  What is her idea of a perfect day?  “Spending a summer day with my husband and our family and friends by the pool, barbecuing and playing games.”