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Meet Our Team


Danielle is the Float FSO at Midwest Members Credit Union.  Her favorite part of her job is traveling around to different locations.  Thanks to Tena, her office nickname is “Goof.”  She has one Boxer named Jack.  Her biggest pet peeve is hearing other people chew, and she just can’t resist collecting pens and cups.

In her spare time, Danielle likes to read and binge-watch Netflix.  Her favorite shows are The Office and Logan Lucky and The Martian is her most loved book.  She enjoys visiting Tennessee, but if she could go anywhere, she would choose Iceland or Croatia.  Her bucket list includes sky diving, swimming with a shark, and visiting the last remaining Blockbuster.  Danielle loves to munch on hot wings.

If she won the lottery, Danielle would run right out and buy a llama.  She’s a huge fan of the Blues and the Cardinals.  Danielle’s favorite part of childhood was having no responsibilities, and her idea of a perfect day is a road trip on a sunny day.