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Meet Our Team


Janice is a full-time teller at Midwest Members Credit Union.  The best part of her job is working with her coworkers and meeting people.  She has two children, Wesley and Melissa, and two Yorkies, Franklin and Winston.  She loves vacationing in Destin, Florida, but if she could go anywhere, Hawaii would be her first choice.


Going part-time, quitting work, and moving somewhere warm are three things on her bucket list.  Janice would like to learn how to speak Spanish.  She is an avid sports fan, with her top teams being Cardinals and Cubs baseball, Chicago Bulls, and Tampa Bay Buccaneers.  She describes herself as loud, crazy, and fast, and believes her friends would agree with that assessment.  Janice’s favorite meal is ribeye steak and loaded sweet potatoes.


She is a fan of country music and the Fifty Shades of Grey book series.  Janice likes a wide variety of TV shows and movies, she can’t pick just one.  Chocolate is the one thing she just can't resist!  If she could choose any superpower, it would be invisibility.


If she won the lottery, she would pay off her home and her kids’ homes.  If she could witness any historical event, she would love to meet Princess Diana at her wedding.  When Janice was a child, she fondly remembers going to church with her grandma and grandpa, and watching The Ed Sullivan Show with her other grandparents.  Her idea of a perfect day is being off work on a sunny day.  What is Janice’s process for turning a bad day into a good one?  “Make people laugh with you, not at you.”