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Meet Our Team


Sharon is the Teller Supervisor at MMCU; her favorite part of her job is cash handling and working with people.  She has two children, Lakesha and Russell.  Sharon has one pet, a Mixed Maltese.  She enjoys traveling to New Jersey, but her dream vacation destination is Hawaii.  Sharon loves spaghetti and Gospel music.


She describes herself as caring, and her friends would say that she is loving.  Her biggest pet peeve is uncleanliness.  If she won the lottery, Sharon would buy a new house and a new car.  If she could have any superpower, she would help everyone get along.  If she could be any cartoon character, she would be Mickey Mouse and have fun with people.  Her idea of a perfect day is not having issues and drama.  When Sharon is having a bad day, prayer helps her turn it into a good one.