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Online Banking

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Fee Schedule


Account Balancing/Research$20.00 per hour
Account Closed Within 90 Days of Opening$5.00
Account Reopened Within the Last 90 Days of Closing$5.00
ATM or Debit Card Replacement$10.00
Bad Address - Mail Returned$5.00 monthly
Bill PayCall
Business Night Depository BagsCall
Business Payroll Checking Account$5.00 monthly
Business Payroll Checking Account (25 free)$0.10 per transaction
Cashier's Check/Teller Check$5.00 each
Check Printing (60 & older receive one free box per year)Call
Collection Item$30.00
Computer Printout of Account Activity*$3.00
Copy of Check$3.00
Copy of Statement$5.00
Deposited Item Returned Unpaid$30.00
Dormant Account (No activity for 13 months)$5.00 monthly
Fax Service*$1.00 per page
Foreign/International Check$25.00
Garnishment and Tax Levy Administration Fee$50.00
Gift Cards (American Express/Visa)$3.00
Illinois License Plate Sticker Fee$7.50
Loan Payment Over the Phone$10.00
Money Order$5.00
Non-sufficient Funds (NSF) Check/ACH$30.00
Overdraft Privilege Access$30.00 per item
Photocopies$0.25 each 
Safe Deposit Box Key Lost$20.00
Safe Deposit Box Drilled Open$125.00
Safe Deposit Box RentalCall
Medallion Signature Guarantee Program$5.00
Stop Payment - Check or ACH$30.00
Stop Payment (range of checks)$50.00
Temporary Checks (8 per set)$5.00
Wire Transfer/Western Union - Domestic$25.00
Wire Transfer/Western Union - International$55.00

(*) No Charge for members 60 & older. Fees effective as of 08/18/2023.