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Visa Debit Card


Debit cards offer several benefits to our members, including:

Convenience: Debit cards allow for easy and convenient transactions without the need to carry large amounts of cash. They can be used for purchases online, in-store, and at ATMs worldwide.

Budgeting and Control: Debit cards are linked directly to your Midwest Members account, making it easier to track expenses and manage your budget. You can only spend the money available in your account, helping you avoid overspending and accumulating debt.

No Interest Charges: Unlike credit cards, which may accrue interest charges if balances are not paid in full each month, debit cards do not involve borrowing money. You're using your own funds, so there are no interest charges associated with debit card transactions.

No Debt Accumulation: With debit cards, there's no risk of falling into debt because you're using the money you have, rather than borrowing against a line of credit.

Security: Our debit cards come with security features such as PIN numbers, chip technology, and fraud monitoring systems to protect against unauthorized use. Additionally, if your card is lost or stolen, you can quickly report it and have it deactivated to prevent fraudulent transactions.

Accepted Everywhere: Debit cards are widely accepted by merchants worldwide, making them a convenient payment option for everyday purchases, travel expenses, and online shopping.

Access to Cash: Debit cards can be used to withdraw cash from ATMs, providing access to funds even when you're not near your bank branch.