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What is a Share Certificate?

If you are looking to invest your money, but you want something safe that won’t tie up your funds for a lengthy amount of time, then a Share Certificate might be the perfect answer for you.

What is a Share Certificate?

A Share Certificate is issued by credit unions and is essentially the same thing as a Certificate of Deposit, or CD, offered by banks. It is a specialized savings account that pays a greater amount of dividends than normal savings accounts.

The money you put into a Share Certificate is not accessible until the term is over. For example, if you deposited $1000 into a 12 month certificate,  it would not be readily available to you until the year is over. Early withdrawals can be made, but a penalty fee would apply.

What are the Benefits of Share Certificates?

Opening this type of account is an excellent way to save and grow your money.  Not only are you choosing a very safe investment, but the dividends paid out are much higher than those of our regular savings accounts.

Midwest Members Credit Union offers several options, from 91 days up to 60 months, to accommodate a wide variety of investments needs.

Our 15 Month Senior Saver and 32 Month Step Up offer special rates for senior citizens aged 60 and over. These both come with added benefits. Talk to one of our Financial Service Officers for details.

Watch for our certificate specials, which offer dividends high above the norm, for the terms of 11, 17, or 27 months.

As you can see, this type of investment is safe and easy to begin. For more information, stop in and see us or give us a call at 618-254-0605.