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Meet Our Team


Brandi is the Branch Manager of the Midwest Members Maryville location.  She has been with the company for seven years.  Brandi’s favorite part of her job is helping members and chatting with them.  She describes herself as outgoing, loud, and happy. Her children’s names are Adam (Heather), Doug (Dianee), and Joel (Samantha), and she has two grandkids, Peyton and Addison.  Her puppers are named Sampson, Dory, and Tank.

In her spare time, Brandi likes to do diamond art and read murder mysteries.  If she could learn anything, she would love to learn how to paint.  Florida is her favorite travel destination, but she dreams of visiting Paris. She loves Mexican food and can’t resist chocolate ice cream, especially from Bobby’s.  She doesn’t do “sportsing”, her favorite shows are Criminal Minds, Blue Bloods, and Bull, and she loves any music with a beat, except rap.  Lying is her biggest pet peeve.  A perfect day for Brandi would be binge watching movies or reading with no interruptions.

Brandi would choose invisibility as a superpower and, if she could be any cartoon character, she’d be “a Care Bear, they are just so darn cute and happy all the time.”  Her bucket list includes going to all the states, being debt free, and watching a ballet.  If she won the lottery, she’d buy “a plane ticket outta here!”  If she could witness any historical event, she’d like to see the construction of Stonehenge. 

Going on picnics with her dad and sister is Brandi’s favorite childhood memory. What is her process for turning around a bad day?  “It is a mindset, really, I just take a breath and try and have a better attitude.”