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Meet Our Team


Carl is the Vice President of Technology at MMCU.  He has been with the company for 27 years.  He says the best part of his job is “knowing that I am part of the credit union movement and being able to help others with their technology needs.”  His office nickname is The Shell Answer Man, from when we were known as Shell Credit Union. He is married to “my lovely wife of 25 years, Margaret.” He has one grandson named Cory and an eight-year-old English Bulldog named Manny.


His hobbies include motorcycle riding, traveling, and Science Fiction.  His favorite travel destination is Panama City Beach, Florida. Ireland is his dream vacation, and he was able to realize that dream with his wife last year.  If Carl could learn anything, he would like to fly a plane.  His music taste is varied, with Classic Rock, Instrumental, and some progressive music topping the list.  His favorite TV shows are Yellowstone, Game of Thrones, and all Star Trek shows, new and old.  Star Wars and Interstellar are his favorite movies, but he enjoys the genres of Science Fiction, Dystopian, and Time Travel.


Carl describes himself as dedicated, generous, and helpful.  His friends would say he is impulsive, daring, and kind.  His bucket list includes traveling on his motorcycle to all fifty states, and then perhaps to other countries.  He likes eating barbecue and pasta.  His biggest pet peeve is being lied to or deceived, and he just can’t resist helping someone in need.  What is the first thing he would buy if he won the lottery?  “Depending on how much, I would pay off any debt I had along with my closest family and friends’ debt, then I would move to Florida, retire, and travel.”


If Carl could witness any historical event, it would be the rocket launch of Apollo 11.  If he could be any cartoon character, he’d be Speed Racer.  If he could choose one superpower, it would be flying.  His favorite childhood memory is waking up on Saturday mornings to watch cartoons on TV.  His process for turning a bad day into a good one is to keep smiling and thinking positively.  What is Carl’s idea of a perfect day?  “Being able to spend the day with my wife and family (Manny) doing something fun and relaxing with nothing to do or worry about.”