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Meet Our Team


Haley is a Financial Service Officer at MMCU.  Her favorite part of her job is helping the members and getting to know them on a business and personal level. She has two children: Audrey is 9 and Mason is 4. Haley has two dogs: Chloe is a German Shepherd and Coco is a Pomchi.  Her hobbies include shopping, visiting theme parks, and visiting water parks. “I am a KID at heart.”  If she could learn anything, she’d like to learn to fly an airplane so she could go anywhere!


Haley describes herself as compassionate, helpful, and understanding.  Food is the one thing she just can’t resist, and steak is her absolute favorite.  Her bucket list includes swimming with dolphins, snorkeling in the clear waters, and visiting Europe.  Wisconsin Dells is her favorite travel destination.


If Haley could choose any superpower, it would be flying, so she could go anywhere she wants, anytime she wants to go.  If she won the lottery, the first thing she would do is take a vacation with her family.  Her favorite childhood memory is “having sleepovers with all my cousins at my grandma’s house. If I could go back in time and do that again, I would totally do it. I lost my grandma and I miss her dearly.” 


For Haley, a perfect day would be spent enjoying a big family get together, because she doesn’t often get to see her whole family.  What is her process for turning a bad day into a good one?  “My process for turning a bad day into a good one is my pep talks. Sometimes you have to give yourself a little pep talk to keep going. It definitely helps me turn my days around!”