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Meet Our Team


Kay has worked at Midwest Members Credit Union for seven years.  Her position is part-time teller.  She loves meeting and talking with members.  Her office nickname is Kay Bird.  She has two children, Jason and Jaymie, and five grandkids, Kaylynn, Connor, Paisley, and twins Sylvie and Lyla.  Kay does not have pets, but she has four grand dogs, Cletus, Coco, Roscoe, and Ralphie.  She loves watching her grandchildren play sports.  Florida is her favorite travel destination, and her dream is to take her kids and grandkids back to Disney World.  Her idea of a perfect day is laying on the beach in Florida with her family.


If she could learn anything, Kay would like to be more positive in life.  She listens to oldies music, her favorite movie is Top Gun, and she watches the ID Channel on TV.  She loves peanut butter pretzels.  If she won the lottery, she would take her children and grandchildren on a trip to Hawaii.  Kay describes herself as being caring and honest.


What is her biggest pet peeve?  “Don’t ask me a question and then ask the same question to someone else.”  Kay’s favorite childhood memory is going to the city swimming pool on weekends.  What is her process for turning a bad day into a good one?  “Just turn it around by making it a positive one.”