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Meet Our Team


Tiffany is the Marketing Director at MMCU. Seeing all the smiling faces when we give back to the community is the best part of her job. Her son’s name is Dalton, and her puppy dog is Seymore. Her hobbies include weightlifting, bowling, and reading. If she could travel anywhere, she would choose Holland to see the tulips blooming or Washington D.C. during cherry blossom season.

The Office is Tiffany’s favorite TV show, and she enjoys listening to rock, heavy metal, and 80’s hair bands. She would love to learn how to cook professionally. Her favorite food is Mexican. If she could witness any historical event, Tiffany would like to see the Chernobyl Disaster or the painting of the Mona Lisa. Ice cream is the one thing she just can’t resist.

If she could be any cartoon character, she would choose Tigger because he’s always so happy and bouncy and loveable. If she could have a superpower, Tiffany would like to make people happy all the time. Her process for turning a bad day into a good one is seeing her child’s smiling face and unending joy. What are her favorite memories from childhood?  “Being an only child and knowing that Mom loved me the most. LOL! Watching Mom make something out of nothing. Mom making homemade spaghetti and meatballs – so much love and patience.” Her idea of a perfect day is being around all the people she loves.